Bed and Breakfast Business Plan
From the "Actual Business Plan Series - Part 1"

Table of Contents This Bed and Breakfast Business Plan is Protected by Mcafee

    Type of Business Ownership
    Type of Operation
    Job Creation during Construction
    Job Creation during Operation


    The Idea
    Main Focus
    Plans for Expansion


    The Service Provided
    The Basis for the Service
    Craft Shop


    The Customer
    Promotional Strategy
    Sales Projections


    Creation of Jobs upon Completion
    Key Personnel




    Appendix A: Resumes of Applicants
    Appendix B: Startup Costs
    Appendix C: Balance Sheet
    Appendix D: Cash Flow
    Appendix E: Income Statement
    Appendix F: Floor Plans
    Appendix G: Letters of Intent
    Appendix H: Events being held in Local Area
    Appendix I: Financial Projection Notes

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Business Planning Tips
An interview with an actual entrepreneur

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An Overview:

Rena Campbell, shown above, is one of our very first clients. We worked with Rena and her husband, Rod Campbell, to obtain the land now used for their new resort. The business plan has changed many times since we first worked together and it is great to see them succeed.

It was through hard work and determination that this couple was able to finally reach their goal of running their own business. The resort includes a bar, restaurant, meeting facilities, ATM machine, out door events, local entertainers and a fully networked building capable of handling anything the web has to offer.

The Interview:

When asked what was your greatest challenge to getting started - Rena replied that it was getting the funding in place in order to get the venture off the ground.

When asked what was the greatest reward to running this type of business - Rena replied that being able to create employment in the area was the most rewarding.

When asked do you have any tips - Rena replied that you should have a good business plan and all your funding in place before proceeding with the business.

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