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Restaurant Business Plan From the "Actual Business Plan Series - Part 3"
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Restaurant Business Plan Table of Contents Header

Restaurant Business Plan - Table of Contents These restaurant business plan files are protected by Mcafee

    Restaurant Overview

    Name of Company
    Type of Business
    Location of Business
    Type of Business Ownership
    Hours of Operation


    Description of Restaurant Product/Service
    Food Specifications
    Customer Service
    Human Resources

    Restaurant Marketing Environment
    Restaurant Trading area analysis
    Identify the area
    Restaurant Competitor analysis
    Product analysis
    Restaurant Physical boundaries
    Restaurant Location
    Opportunity analysis
    Restaurant Target Markets
    Trends in the Restaurant Market
    Key Marketing Points
    Household Incomes Rising
    More women in the ranks
    Current Restaurant Marketing Objectives
    Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats
    Opportunities and Threats
    Marketing Implementation & Strategy
    The Product or Service, Policy and Guidelines
    Factors that may affect the Product
    Restaurant Promotion & Distribution
    Brochure Development
    Direct Mail
    Newspaper & Television
    Most Effective Marketing Areas
    Restaurant Financial Controls
    Sources of Marketing Funds - Year 1
    Sources of Marketing Funds - Year 3
    The Internet & Restaurant Marketing

    Sample Restaurant Menu Selection
    Start-up Costs
    Balance Sheet
    Income Statement
    Cash Flow
    Financial Notes
    Resources Used

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Business Planning Tips Get Windows Media Player to Listen to Restaurant Business Plan Podcast
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An audio interview with a manager of an actual restaurant Requires Windows Media Player

Restaurant Business Plan Mentor Pic restaurant Business Pic 1 restaurant Business Pic 2 Restaurant Business Plan Podcast


      The greatest challenge of operating a Restaurant.
      What is the greatest reward of operating a Restaurant.
      Tips on Restaurant Business Focus.
      Tips on People Skills in the Restaurant Business.
      Tips on Pricing - How to beat the Restaurant Competition.
      Tips on Real World Experience - Real tips from an entrepreneur running a Restaurant!

      Download the entire interview - MP3 (duration 3min 12sec).

We have worked together with an existing restaurant entrepreneur to provide you with the most realistic business plan possible. The interview clips above will outline what one entrepreneur has found to be the greatest challenge and the most rewarding thing about running this type of business.

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