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Our staff conducted detailed research of the leading online bookstores to provide you with a one stop shop for business plan development.

Our database contains research for business plan books and software available from Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com. Please note since Chapters.ca and Indigo.com merged all business plan related products are no longer available via our website.

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How to Start a Personal Training Business: Your Step-By-Step Guide to Success
A good tool that would assist an entrepreneur in creating a business plan.

by Not Listed

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Book Number 132

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Great Idea to a Great Company: Making Inventions Pay
John Schultz from Moretown VT United States This book is full of wonderful examples of things for the entrepreneur to expect and beware of. I ususally circle a few such key passages in the text of any book and jot the page numbers inside the cover. I ran out of room to write page numbers!

by Lawrence B. Kilham

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Book Number 131

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Business Plans Handbook: A Compilation of Actual Business Plans Developed by Business Throughout North America (Business Plans Handbook, Vol 8)
The strength of Business Plans Handbook is that it gives real-life examples of business plans; its weakness is that it gives no instructions on the research process involved in writing one. It does provide a state-by-state listing of Small Business Development Centers throughout the U.S., which would prove helpful in the researching and resource phase. Also included is a 150-item bibliography on business planning.

by Eric Hoss (Editor)

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Book Number 130

Book Cover
Start & Run a Consulting Business
Douglas Gray is a lawyer, businessman, lecturer, and consultant to government, business, professionals, and educational and financial institutions. he has designed and taught numerous seminars and workshops on successful entrepreneurship, starting a consulting business, and marketing professional services.

by Douglas A. Gray

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Book Number 129

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How to Start & Manage a Dry Cleaning Business : Step by Step Guide to Starting & Managing Your Own Business
This book is good if you want to write a business plan for your business.

by Jerre G. Lewis & Leslie Renn

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Book Number 128

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