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Bed and Breakfast Business Plan
International Standard Book Number (ISBN) 0-9682952-0-7

Re: Bed and Breakfast Business Planning

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your interest in obtaining a copy of an actual Bed and Breakfast Business Plan.

You may choose to manipulate the existing information and format. The sample business plan can also be used as a general guide to assist you in developing a plan that is unique to your part of the world.

The Specifics:

An electronic copy of the Business Plan is currently formatted for MS Word and WordPerfect. (This 60 page Document is currently being used in some areas of Canada, US, Mexico, Europe and even Australia).

View the Table of Contents

In order to have the best results for use of the Headers, Footers, Page Numbers and Margins you should use the WordPerfect file.

Also, the electronic copy of the financials are formatted for MS Excel. The files contain a balance statement, 3 year estimated cashflow, 3 year estimated income statement and total project costs.

You may download the files at your leisure, it will only take a few minutes to download depending on your connection. The files are password protected and a cost is involved to obtain use of this files, $35.00 (US).

Kevin Brake
P.O. Box 1322 Station B
Mississauga, L4Y4B6

Please email me to find out more information,

Kevin Brake

*Remember people don't plan to fail people fail to plan!!!!

Any Questions or Comments:

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