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"Special Features" - (An Online Student Tracking System in which an Instructor could track a studentís study habits, test scores and identify a studentís problem areas).

About the product:

The "Strategy" to prepare public health nurses for certification of competency in the physical assessment of the female reproductive system and the clinical procedure of obtaining a Papanicolaou Smear.

The "Objectives" :

  1. Identify the location of female reproductive organs.
  2. Discuss the normal developmental changes of the female reproductive system.
  3. Develop interview questions to obtain information about the patient's reproductive health status.
  4. Explain specimen collection of the Papanicolaou smear.
  5. Identify the equipment used during the Pap smear and explain their use.
  6. Document findings of the assessment of the female reproductive system.

About the process:

After identifying a product to develop and gaining support for the idea from the Cervical Cancer Initiative. I wrote the "Proposal" requesting funding from the various government support agencies and submitted it on behalf of the Cervical Cancer Initiative.

The project obtained "Funding" from Human Resources Development Canada to hire (6) students. I then took the job description that was included with the proposal and interviewed and selected a "Team" of (2) Animators, (2) Lingo Programmers, (1) Story Boarder / Multimedia Writer, (1) Volunteer Portfolio Designer and Beta Tester and (1) Project Manager.

I then took the content provided by the Cervical Cancer Initiative a hard copy of the "Skills Practiccum for the Papanicolaou Smear" and converted it into a format suitable for "Conversion into Multimedia". After developing a structure in which to organize the content the team was brought together to brainstorm the presentation of the content to the end user.

Timeframe and Budget:

The project was completed within "(7) weeks". The project was delivered on time, on budget and bug free.

Development Tools:

Macromedia Director 6.5, MS Project, Adobe Photoshop 5, Soundforge 4.5 , Hotdog for HTML and Perl Scripting.


Pentium 75, 16 Ram, 16 bit color, 4X CDROM, 14.4 Speed Internet Connection, Win 3.x or Higher

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