Free Puppy Training Video

Learn what you need to know before adopting a puppy, many people are not aware of the full responsibilities associated with owning a pet and they are often unprepared for the lifelong commitment. The end result is often an unwanted pet discarded to live in a shelter or worse.

In this free training video you will learn:

  1. Which dogs make good family pets
  2. How much does it cost to have a puppy
  3. How to groom my puppy
  4. Puppy health tips
  5. Puppy spay and neutering
  6. Puppy facts
  7. Puppy training tips

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Learn by video

First watch the training video below, then test your knowledge.

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Learn by audio

It is our goal to provide training material that meets the needs of all learners. For those who learn best using audio you can download the MP3 from the link below:

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Test your knowledge

We strongly suggest that you first complete the video, audio or text based training above before attempting the quiz. All questions for the quiz are random and all answers can be found in the provided training materials. Take your written exam now.

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