- Video Store Software Review Winner

The Staff of took the time to download and test several of the best known and some of the least known Video Store Management Software Developers and selected the application Bogart as the winner.

Bogart won based on the speed of the free customer service, the programs easy to use windows interface and the many features that are packed into the application:

This Video Store Management Software Application is a powerful and easy-to-use Point of Sale system that will help you run your video rental store (movies or tapes). This Windows application is designed to quickly create detailed invoices as well as to track late charges and customer return history.

Main features include reservations; password -protected manager functions; inventory management; special promotions; account payments; prepaid accounts ; customer photos; and more.

An external utility will also enable you to quickly import customer and movie data from other software applications.

This fully functional version comes with a complete operational manual and "on-line" context-sensitive help. It is network ready and supports barcodes. Can also be configured to invoice in almost any written language. An interface with Microsoft's Outlook is also provided.

Screen Shots of the winning program
The fully function demo can be downloaded below

Enlarge Graphic
Customer Database
Late Charges
Track Expenses
Sales Reports
Balance Sheet
Graph Reports
Track Inventory
Check Out Customer
Check In Customer
Reserve an Item
Movie Database

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